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Change clinics: be prepared

Unless you’ve moved around a bit, you’ve probably spent your entire life so far visiting the same CF clinic, with the same staff and see the same people. But now you’re about to become an adult, and that means you have to change clinics and change health teams.

It’s okay to be a bit nervous, it’s a big change. But if you start preparing for it ahead of time, it will hopefully be a smooth one.Talk to your parents and your CF health team about taking on more responsibility (perhaps still with a little bit of supervision) for your health regime and your clinic visits. This gives you the chance to start becoming more independent and will help you in the long run when you eventually leave home.

Try and organise a time to visit the new clinic closer to your 18th birthday, meet the staff and talk about the trip with your current team. It will help ease the transition if you’ve already broken the ice with the new team.

Remember that it’s your health and you are ultimately responsible for it, but there will be plenty of people around to give you help if needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Watch how Rebekah Davison has started the process of transition.


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