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The CFNSW Service team offers education, practical and financial support, specialist counselling and navigation for individuals with cystic fibrosis and their families/carers. Our aim is to reduce the impact of living with cystic fibrosis.

The CFNSW Service Team provides specialist social workers and highly skilled support workers. We provide services in hospitals, clinics and in the community to best meet your needs and bridge the gap between CF management in hospitals and living with CF.



  • To improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life for individuals and their families affected by CF
  • To provide timely accurate and tailor-made information in the care and management of cystic fibrosis
  • To support a seamless transition between hospital and the community through clinic In reach, collaboration with appropriate agencies, assessment, coordination, care planning and onward referrals
  • To promote the services of CFNSW and to engage with all clients and families affected by Cystic Fibrosis



  • To provide specialist social workers and support workers to identify with clients and families unmet needs/goals and assist them to achieve their goals and meet their needs
  • To provide practical assistance to navigate the social security and health system to ensure individuals and families are able to access the most appropriate services and benefits
  • To provide continuity from hospital to the community setting for individual and families
  • To ensure people with CF and their family/carers have access to practical advice, emotional support, advocacy and information
  • To assist individuals to maximise independence, adherence and self-management
  • To ensure family members and/or the carer(s) are encouraged to be involved in CF management, with the multi-disciplinary team providing information, opportunities and support for carers, family and individuals with CF to develop self-management skills moving forwards


Professional services

  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Counselling
  • Formal and informal peer support
  • Personalised advocacy
  • Referrals to other organisations/agencies/services
  • Practical assistance to navigate services, fill out applications, provide support letters


Support Programs

  • Rural CF outreach clinics
  • Regional outreach program
  • Exercise self-management program
  • New diagnosis support
  • Travel nebuliser loan
  • Health promotion education
  • Hospital survival packs
  • Client and family education


Subsidy Programs

  • Emergency health subsidy
  • Equipment subsidy
  • Nutritional supplements subsidy
  • VitABDECK subsidy
  • IPTAAS – Hospital travel and accommodation assistance


Community support

  • Community advocacy
  • Research
  • Inter-clinic meetings
  • CFNSW information events
  • Schools talks
  • CF education sessions provided in/to the community


Service events

  • Sibling’s camps
  • Mum’s wellbeing day/weekend
  • Dad’s and mates break
  • Parent lunches/dinners
  • Peer support coffee mornings


Communication and information

  • Access to website/e-news/CF connections
  • Access to experts and specialised information (mini conventions, workshops, webinars, latest news on treatment, research, clinical trials and evidence base resources)
  • Airway clearance training program

Download our fact sheet here:

Services Fact Sheet


Contact us

If you would like to further information or to refer yourself or family for any of our services, please contact us the relevant state via the contact information bellow:


Services contact emails

NSW 02 8732 5700
Victoria  03 9686 1811  
Queensland and Northern Territory 07 3359 8000
Tasmania 03 6234 6085
West Australia 08 9346 7333
South Australia 08 8221 5595
ACT 04 3748 5454

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