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The members of CFNSW and CFVic have voted overwhelmingly in favour of an amalgamation at their meetings on 30 March and 2 April, 2017. The objective of the merger is to increase services and capacity by reducing overheads and/or reallocating resources. It’s also expected that income will increase and there will be other indirect benefits.

The constitution of CF Community Care includes a Preamble which highlights the organisation’s commitment to engaging with the CF community and Objects which are consistent with the current purposes of CFNSW and CFVic. It can be download from this link CF CommunityCare Constitution.

The concept of the merger was first presented at the Cystic Fibrosis NSW Annual General Meeting in November 2016. Karin Knoester, the CEO of CFVic, joined Michele Adair to co-present on the work that’s been done to-date and the next steps.


The first, combined Board of Directors

The process of amalgamation will take some months and requires the approval of various Government agencies. This work has begun and the founding Directors will be

  • Jong Chung is a professional accountant and entrepreneur who has been on the board of CF NSW since 2006
  • Keith Cleary held senior operational and contract management positions in major corporations. After several years’ absence Keith re-joined the CF NSW board in 2015.
  • Ross Fraser who will serve as the inaugural Chair having served on the Board of CFVIC for the last five years, three as Chair. He is a professional engineer and business adviser
  • Katherine Kaspar joined the CFVIC Board in 2012. She is a lawyer and currently the CEO of a large superannuation fund
  • Stuart McCulloch is a lawyer and has served on the board of CFNSW since 2010
  • Julie Noornan is an IT professional and has served on the CFVIC Board since 2012
  • A/Prof Sarath Ranganathan is a paediatric CF respiratory specialist in practice at the Royal Hospital for Children in Melbourne
  • Bryson Vaughan is an IT strategist and CF advocate. He has served on the CF Australia and CF NSW boards for over 20 years

In accordance with the Constitution some of these directors will retire at the first AGM and an election will be held.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be updated regularly to answer questions about the merger. To ask a question just email  She will try to post the answer here within 48 hours.

Q. Will fundraising activity done locally remain in that state or go into a pool for both state’s services?
A. Fundraising activity that is done locally by community fundraisers will be targeted toward that community if that is their wish. Over time we will form one community and everyone will have the benefit of the whole community’s efforts.

Q. What is the new structure?
A. The company structure is explained in the new constitutions (see above). CFVic would change from an Association to a Company limited by guarantee and have a new name – CF Community Care. CFNSW would become a wholly owned subsidiary of CF Community Care so that existing contracts and other arrangements can be integrated over time. The organisational structure will take time and be decided by CEO in consultation with the Board.

Q. Who decides on the new name, logo and branding?
A. The new board and management team will make those decisions. Other than registering the name for legal reasons, there is no need to rush. CFNSW and CFV will both still be members of the CF Federation so we expect to continue using the rose logo and continuing to work together.

Q. Won’t it cost a lot of money to rebrand (with a new name, logos etc)?
A. The main driver of the merger is to reduce costs. There will be a need for things like new stationary but that will only happen as the need arises. The savings will far exceed the costs making more money available for services and research.

Q. Will there still be offices in Sydney and Newcastle?
A. Yes, for the foreseeable future. The CFNSW contract with the NSW Ministry of Health expires on 30 June and provides vital funding for services. We hope it will be renewed.

Q. Will all members have an opportunity to vote or do you need to attend the meetings in person?
A. Yes, all members can vote even if they can’t attend their state’s meeting. The process in your state will be explained when you receive your meeting Notice.

Q. By merging, would that mean the services offered in one state are also offered in the other state?
A. One of the core principles is equity. We’d aim to offer services based on need regardless of location.

Q. How quickly will things change if the merger goes ahead?
A. Full implementation will take many months, possibly a year. The vote is a key step in a long process and also requires approval from statutory authorities. There’s no need to rush and we’ll continue to consult with the community throughout the process.

Q. Will CFA and the new organisation co-exist?
A. Yes. CFA will continue to carry out its important functions which include management of the Data Registry, national advocacy campaigns, the Peer Reviews of the clinics, convening the Centre Directors meetings, convening the CF conference, and administration of the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust (ACFRT). The state/territory organisations will continue their work delivering services to their local communities, leading local advocacy, providing education and practical assistance, and raising awareness about CF. The S/T organisations are also actively involved in fundraising which support local and national activities.

On 20 Feb 2017 CFA published the following statement: “The Board of Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA) has been advised of the possible merger of Cystic Fibrosis Victoria (CFV) and Cystic Fibrosis NSW (CFNSW).CFA supports actions that lead to greater efficiency, coordination, consistency and benefits in service to people whose lives are affected by cystic fibrosis. CFA will continue to provide national leadership with input from the collective of State and Territory CF organisations. CFV and CFNSW have confirmed that the proposed merged entity will undertake the same roles as the two separate entities but with increasing efficiency. The relationship between CFA and the merged entity will remain the same as it has been with CFNSW and CFV.”

Q. Will Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA) still exist after the merger?
A. Yes. The merger of CFV and CFNSW won’t affect the structure or activities of CFA or any other CF state/territory organisation.


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