Superannuation and insurance - CF Buzz


Just the thought of super is enough to send some into a spin.

For many it something that “just happens”, they’re employer makes a deposit and it shows up on their payslip and periodically they get a statement from their super fund which gets filed away with a shrug.

But it is something that we are all better off trying to understand. It affects our future lifestyle, but can also be a big help to us in the shorter term.

For people with cystic fibrosis (CF), it’s one of the few ways of getting life and disability insurance without any health questions. So it’s worth getting understanding as early as possible, it can make a big difference in the short and longer term.

Law firm Maurice Blackburn has developed a fact sheet for people with CF, and offer free advice on your superannuation and insurance.

Call them on 1800 196 050 or download the factsheet.

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