Manage Cystic Fibrosis

CFBuzz is the world's first app which helps adults with cystic fibrosis manage all aspects of their health and care plan. Download the app today.

Designed with by the CF community

CFBuzz is an app built specifically for adults with cystic fibrosis and helps assist in CF self-management. It offers the ability to record personal health information, monitor progress against goals and keep track of all your contacts and appointments. CFBuzz was built from the ground up with consultations from both the cystic fibrosis community and leading medical professionals.

Packed full of features

Your personal Medical ID

Access your most important medical information on the run with CFBuzz's built-in Medical ID.

Set goals and health plans

Keep track of all your medical data, including FEV1, HbA1C, Weight, BMI, Vitamins and more, or simply create and track your own goals.

Track scripts and appointments

Stay on top of your medication regime and never miss another appointment with CFBuzz's advanced Script Calculator and notification system.

Security at your fingertips

Find support, anytime, anywhere

Easily collect and locate all your CF related contacts in one easy place.

Secure your information

CFBuzz is a a native app (not a web-based app), meaning your personal information will remain confidential and never leave your phone.